5 Insurance Plans to Put on Your Christmas List This Holiday Season

Although most people put things like shoes and toys on their Christmas wishlists, most of us probably should be putting insurance plans on our wishlists. 

Whether it’s health insurance or auto insurance you’re after, having a policy can keep you protected in the event of a disaster. 

Here’s a breakdown of five types of insurance that should definitely go on your Christmas list this holiday!

1. Health Insurance

When talking about health insurance, there’s really no better plan in Colombia than SURA’s private health plans. 

SURA is a Colombian company that offers many service lines within its portfolio: banking, insurance, pensions, savings and investment, health promotion entity, complementary health plans, among others.

If it’s a health plan, you go for, however, you’ll get a number of benefits, such as: 

  • Direct access to specialists.
  • 100% hospitalization.
  • Coverage abroad.
  • Dental service at home.
  • Coverage of high-cost diseases from day one.
  • Emergencies
  • Surgeries
  • Therapies

Sura’s prepagada medicine service has a network of national and international coverage at beneficial and affordable prices with specialists in diseases and high-risk treatments. In addition, it provides preferential access to the best clinics and hospitals in the country and even home care.

Within the package of services, Sura has the capacity to provide virtual care for general medicine and pediatrics. This can be a great way to get treatment without even leaving the house!

Currently, Sura has three different plans for those who decide to pay for private healthcare: 

  1. Global
  2. Clasico
  3. Evoluciona. 

Each one has different benefits for people to choose according to their needs.

2. Travel Insurance

If you’re an expat in Colombia, there really is no better policy to take out than a travel insurance plan. Travel insurance plans offer support for individuals who are traveling or spending time out of their home countries. 

One great travel insurance policy to know about is the ASSIST card. This card offers a ton of services, including: 

  • Rental car insurance
  • Air flight insurance
  • Lost baggage assistance
  • Assistance with lost or stolen passports
  • Help with medical emergencies abroad
  • Assistance in the event of natural disasters

As part of your policy, you can even get payouts for nonrefundable tickets and hotel stays. Having that peace of mind can make a major difference in your trip!

Getting in touch with an agent can help get you hooked up with an ASSIST card for any upcoming travel. Or, it can get you connected with the current best plans in Colombia or your home country!

3. Auto Insurance

Another big insurance to put on your wishlist this year is auto insurance. Auto insurance policies help keep your vehicle protected in the event of an accident. 

In Colombia, motorists are required to have something called a SOAT. This is sort of the equivalent of uninsured motorist fees in the US, and provides basic protection in the event of a crash. 

However, this basic policy won’t give you a ton of benefits. As a result, it’s better to take out a more comprehensive plan. 

One company that offers good auto insurance plans is MAPFRE. MAPFRE actually sells the SOAT, in addition to the following types of auto insurance: 

  • Liability coverage
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Medical payment coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

There are additional services that you can add on, too. The best bet is to speak with an insurance agent to come up with the best insurance plan for you.

4. Life Insurance

Life insurance is another type of insurance that should definitely be going on your wishlist this season. Life insurance provides payouts to loved ones in the event of your death. 

For some people, this can be a game-changer. It can provide financial support to help fill in the gaps from a second income or to put toward things like mortgage payments. 

In Colombia, life insurance policies are relatively affordable while still providing good coverage. That means you can take advantage of low costs with high payouts. 

One particular company that offers life insurance policies is Allianz. Allianz has four basic life insurance policies, including: 

  1. ActuAll: full and comprehensive life insurance coverage
  2. EsenciaAll: a more simplified version of ActuaAll
  3. Life Debt: coverage for debts that you held before your death
  4. Personal Accident: coverage for accidents that can affect your physical integrity

Even just the most basic of these plans can make a big difference in the lives of your loved ones.

5. Home and Renter’s Insurance

Next up is renter’s and home owner’s insurance. These policies are designed to protect your personal property in the event that something goes wrong. 

These policies can cover a number of different situations, such as robberies and break-ins as well as natural disasters. 

Although natural disasters don’t often befall Colombia (and less so Medellin), that’s not to say things can’t happen. For instance, San Andres has been known to have hurricanes hit. If you own property there, one of these policies could make a huge difference. 

On top of that, for expats who have Airbnbs or properties that they rent out when they’re not in Colombia, these policies can keep you protected. They can help make sure nothing goes awry while you’re out of the country. 

Bolívar is one of the top insurance providers in the country, and they’ve got a number of home and renter’s insurance. There are even business insurances for anyone with a registered real estate or hotel business in the country!

Give the Gift of Insurance This Holiday Season

An insurance plan really is the best Christmas gift you can give, whether it’s to yourself or to someone else. 

They’ll keep you, your loved ones, and your belongings safe not just this year, but well into next year as well. What’s more, these plans can offer you necessary health services that will have you looking and feeling your best year-round. 

Now that’s something to celebrate this holiday season!

Ready to get started with an insurance plan in Colombia? Get in touch with Angela Berrio Seguros to get a plan for you and your loved ones. 

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