Angela Berrio Seguros for Expat Health Insurance: What to Know 

Aside from making sure you have a comfortable place to live and a sustainable job, getting reliable health insurance is essential when considering moving to Colombia. Expat Health Insurance ensures you have protection and security when unfortunate situations arise. 

Finding excellent expat health insurance can be overwhelming, especially when you have several options available. How do you choose the right one? And what factors must you consider? 

Angela Berrio Seguros is one of Colombia’s leading health insurance providers supported by SURA. She provides various insurance services, giving expats the protection they deserve while living in Colombia. Let’s talk about these services and why Angela Berrio Seguros can provide the best insurance experience for ex-pats in Colombia. 

Angela Berrio Seguros: An Overview 

Angela Berrio is an Insurance Agent who offers reliable insurance services to Colombians and foreigners who need the best protection while residing in Colombia. She has been in the industry for over fourteen years, gaining outstanding experience in knowing what insurance protection expats need in the market. 

Angela Berrio Seguros works with a dedicated team that provides the best skills in finding the right coverage ex-pats need to ensure the utmost protection at the best rates. 

The Services 

Angela Berrio Seguros provides a wide variety of insurance services and protection coverage you can choose from. If you’re looking for ex-pat health insurance that can guarantee you get what you deserve, you can check out the following services below. 

Health and Prepaid Medical Care 

Health and prepaid medical care provide complete protection for ex-pats, including their family members, during unfortunate circumstances like surgery and hospital inpatient and outpatient care. The following are included in the coverage:

  • Surgical treatment 
  • Hospital inpatient care for illness or accidents
  • Diagnostic tests and labs
  • Maternity 
  • High-cost illnesses
  • Outpatient medical consultation and coverage 
  • Private room in the hospital
  • Organ transplants

Group Plans 

Group coverage includes Life and Credit Life Insurance. Let’s differentiate the two. 

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance provides protection for the policyholder’s employees and associates during personal accidents and death. It covers the following:

  • Death, regardless of the cause
  • Serious diseases
  • Permanent and total disability 
  • Income replacement 
  • Double compensation during accidental deaths
  • Funeral coverage 

Group Credit Life Insurance

On the other hand, Group Credit Life supports debtors with outstanding debts during death or permanent disability. It covers serious illnesses, life, and daily income. 

Why Angela Berrio Seguros is One of a Kind

After knowing the services, your next question would probably be, “What sets Angela Berrio Seguros apart?” For one, she provides transparency in all her services. Before deciding to partner with her, Angela’s team makes sure to lay out everything there is to know about the health insurance plan. 

Moreover, Angela Berrio Seguros is bilingual. This diminishes the challenges of dealing with a Spanish insurance provider, preventing miscommunications and misunderstandings that can get in the way of your agreements. Angela Berrio Seguros offers her insurance services in Spanish and English. What’s more, since Angela grew up in the U.S., she knows how to provide you with the kind of outstanding customer service you’re used to back home.

You know you’re in the right hands because Angela Berrio Seguros has experience working with major Colombian companies, including Bolivar, Liberty, Allianz, Maphre, and SURA. She also specializes in enrolling non-permanent residents in a SURA prepaid policy, whether they have one with a passport or a cedula de extranjería. This helps her tailor the best insurance plan for any ex-pat situation. 

Bonus Service: Concierge 

And if you think you’ve had it all after hearing about Angela Berrio Seguros’ insurance services, you’re totally wrong! She also offers personalized concierge services for booking and scheduling doctor appointments and diagnostic tests. If needed, she also provides on-call services while you’re at your appointments to help with translations and coordination.

And the best part is the concierge service offers bilingual doctors, so foreigners don’t have to experience trouble booking in Spanish. The concierge service also allows ex-pats to inquire about follow-ups and updates when delays happen. 

Client Testimonials

You know an insurance provider is top-notch when you see various positive testimonials and feedback. And Angela Berrio Seguros did not fall short when it came to client reviews and opinions. Of course, we’ve omitted client names for their protection, but you can still see what they have to say to get an idea of what working with Angela is like. 

One client loved the assurance and security she felt by trusting Angela Berrio Seguros. She patiently listened to what that client needed and presented the best insurance plans she could work with. This ensured proper communication and reassured the client that she was also part of the conversation. Her voice mattered. 

Another client loved the accessibility and quick responsiveness she experienced with Angela Berrio Seguros. It’s the client’s fourth year working with her, and everything remains the same. If any changes to the policy, the client is immediately called in so she’s aware. 

According to the same client, Angela Berrio Seguros, being bilingual is a major plus. It’s common for ex-pats who cannot speak Spanish to find it difficult to speak with different insurance providers who don’t know English, so Angela Berrio Seguros being bilingual totally ups her game. 

Ex-pats also love Angela Berrio Seguros’ responsive customer service. This is a major advantage, especially when it’s your first time migrating to another country with a completely different language. No matter the time of day, Angela Berrio Seguros ensures to be there when you need answers to your insurance queries. 

Ensure Your Heath is Covered in Medellin

Ultimately, choosing a trusted ex-pat health insurance provider should align with your needs, Colombia’s updated healthcare system, and your budget. Seek professional advice if necessary to make an informed decision, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind while living in Colombia. 

Angela Berrio Seguros’ extensive list of insurance services guarantees ex-pats are covered when they reside in Colombia. This bilingual insurance provider eliminates language barriers that can hinder foreigners from getting the coverage they deserve to protect their health and, ultimately, their lives and well-being. 

Aside from private health insurance, Angela also offers Travel Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Auto and Motor Insurance, Life insurance, and more. Overall, Angela Berrio Seguros can become your life partner in protecting yourself, especially when you need it the most – transferring to another country and learning the ins and outs of Colombia. 

Ready to get started with expert expat health insurance that keeps you covered? Contact Angela Berrio Seguros today to learn more about how she can help you. 

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