How Much Does Expat Health Insurance Cost?

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a health insurance plan, especially if they’re still paying for coverage back home. 

And, with seemingly rising costs of healthcare and prices globally, buying an expat insurance plan can seem daunting, to say the least. 

The good news is that expat health insurance can actually be a lot cheaper that you think. Here’s what you need to know about expat health insurance cost in Colombia!

What Influences the Cost of Expat Health Insurance?

Just like in the US, the cost of a health insurance plan in Colombia is affected by a number of factors. 

One of the first questions your insurance agent will ask you is how much money you want to pay for services. They’re also likely to ask how long you plan to stay in Medellin or anywhere else in Colombia. 

Depending on where the insurance is purchased and where the services will be used, the price increases or decreases. It also changes if you’re going to stay in a single city like Medellin or be traveling all over the country.

Another factor to think about is what kind of coverage you’ll need. Some expats need additional services like pet insurance while others just need something as simple as the ASSIST card. An insurance agent will be able to offer you a tailor-made plan that works for your situations. 

Apart from these factors, a few other things that can affect how much your insurance plan costs include: 

  • Age: insurance plans have age limits and often will increase costs depending on how old you are. 
  • General health: pre-existing medical conditions may be excluded from your plan, so you may find you need to purchase a higher coverage plan.
  • Additional coverage: adding other types of insurance to your plan can increase the total cost.

There are other factors too, but the best choice is to talk with an insurance agent. That way, you can figure out a quote for your coverage.

Average Price of an Expat Health Insurance

The average cost of an expat health insurance in Colombia is around $4,000 USD per year, according to a report by Pacific Prime.

Considering the fact that many americans can pay a whole lot more than that in local insurance, that’s pretty reasonable. 

On top of that, health insurance plans in Colombia can actually be much cheaper than that. It really just depends on the type and breadth of the coverage you’re getting. 

The good news is that your expat health insurance plan typically provides you with all the services you’ll need to stay safe and healthy in Colombia, including: 

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Medications
  • Specialty appointments
  • Dental services

Another thing to note is that you may hear locals complaining that insurance prices have gone up. However, don’t be scared!

Inflation and the changing price of the peso are big factors in what’s influenced that. As a result, you’ll find that the cost for expats hasn’t actually changed a whole lot. 

How to Save Some Money With Your Expat Health Insurance

If you’ve decided to take out an expat health insurance plan and are looking to save a bit of cash, that’s a possibility!

After all, you can almost always find ways to get a discount or two. 

One easy way to lower your insurance premiums is to set limits on travel areas. If you’ve decided to live in Colombia permanently, you may be able to limit your coverage to only being in a single city. 

Note: This doesn’t apply to SURA prepagada! So, if you get a plan with SURA, such as those offered by Angela Berrio Seguros, you can travel as much as you want. 

Or, if you’ve got travel insurance, you could limit coverage to mainland Colombia and exclude injuries in places like San Andres island. 

Another way to limit expenses with your insurance plan is to speak to an agent. An insurance agent can get the best deals on your behalf and can even take care of negotiating for you. 

That way, you get a great rate for your plan without worrying about accidentally overspending.  

The Most Affordable Expat Health Insurance in Colombia

Now that you know how much an expat health insurance plan can cost you in Colombia, you might be wondering how to get a cheap plan. 

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all option, your best bet is to work with an insurance agent to get a personalized plan. 

Angela Berrio Seguros actually offers bilingual services, taking care of the work of sifting through insurance plans in a foreign language. 

On top of that, she gets you access to some of the best private healthcare plans in the country. These include: 

  • SURA
  • Liberty
  • Bolivar

The result is that she’s able to get you a great cost-benefit ratio, making your plan worth every dollar you pay. 

In general, she’ll make sure your health insurance plan provides complete protection to the policyholder and their family in the event of a medical emergency. Coverage also includes:

  • Hospital inpatient care in the case of illness or accident
  • Surgical treatment
  • Maternity
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Treatments of catastrophic illnesses
  • Outpatient medical consultation
  • Outpatient coverage

Of course, these are just some of the benefits of working with Angela. Getting a full quote from her can help make sure you get the cheapest and best value insurance plan in Medellin!

Final Thoughts 

Worrying about the future doesn’t have to empty your pockets, whether you want to spend a couple of weeks in Colombia or are planning to stay longer.

Just taking out an expat insurance plan can keep you safe and worry-free!

The good news is that it’s actually pretty affordable to take out an expat health insurance plan in Colombia. And, since all you need is a passport, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. 

Ready to get started with an expat insurance plan of your own? Contact Angela Berrio Seguros today to get a quote for your new healthcare plan.

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