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We offer comprehensive protection for individuals and companies. Our specialized team will help you make the best insurance decisions!
Health Insurance

Complete protection for the policyholder and their family in case of hospital inpatient care, surgery, or...

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Life & Accident

Complete protection for the policyholder and their loved ones in the event of death or accident...

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Complete coverage for the commercial value of your property, contents, appliances, and electronics.

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Employee Group Life

Complete protection for employees and/or associates of the policyholder in the event of death and accidents.

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Credit Life Insurance

Payment of any outstanding debt to any insured debtors in the case of death or permanent disability....

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Material Damage to Assets

Covers any expenses and lost profit related to loss and/or sudden and...

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Machinery - Equipment

Protects against loss and/or accidental damage to machinery whether it is in use or not. This includes machinery that is being assembled, tested...

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Transportation of Goods

Protects against loss and/or physical damage to goods (merchandise) during transportation and permanence.

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Electronic Equipment

Protects against loss from accidental damage to electronic equipment and systems. This includes machinery that is being assembled, tested, dismantled, in maintenance...

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Transportation of Valuables

Protects against loss and/or physical damage to valuables (such as money and security) during transportation...

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Global Management

Protects against losses suffered by the insured entity as a result of inappropriate actions by its employees.

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Civil Liability in Data Breach

Protects insured assets against financial losses that may result from cyberattacks and/or data breaches...

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Data Loss

Its objective is to protect the assets of the insured for the economic damages that may result from a cyber attack that may violate the security of their own information, of their clients and suppliers. This includes damage...

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Infidelity - Financial Risks

Protects money and security from the dishonest actions of employees and third parties that cause destruction, disappearance, or theft during...

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Directors - Officers Liability

Protects managers and directors from claims made against them that may arise from their decisions and actions while performing their daily duties.

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