The Best Expat Insurance in Medellin, Colombia

There are tons of expat insurance providers out there, which can make it tough to choose one. But, if you’ll be spending an extended amount of time in Medellin, Colombia, it pays to know which is best.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best expat insurance in Medellin so that you know what options are available to you.

We’ll also take an in-depth look at a few policies that might be worth checking out, whether you’re in Medellin for the long or short haul!


If it’s just basic travel insurance you’re after, then the ASSIST card might be your best pick. The ASSIST card is basically a type of insurance that keeps you covered while you’re traveling, whether it’s on a work trip, a vacation, or a different type of journey.

With this type of insurance, you’re covered in the event that there are any of the typical travel hiccups, including:

  • ●  Replacing or finding lost and delayed luggage
  • ●  Offering trips home and refunds in the event of a death in the family while abroad
  • ●  Reimbursements due to inclement weather ruining your plans
  • ●  Help for medical emergencies, even if you’re in a remote area
  • ●  Assistance with lost wallets or passportsThe intervention you can get from an ASSIST card can be pretty major in an emergency. For example, if you lose your wallet, the insurance policy will actually give you cash to use while they recover your belongings!There are tons of different ASSIST card policies that you can take advantage of, too. A few of the different plans you can choose from include:
  • ●  Single trips
  • ●  Family trips
  • ●  Annual and recurring travel
  • ●  Car rental coverage
  • ●  Air ticket coverageThe best way to get a good ASSIST plan is to, of course, speak with an agent. That way, you get coverage for the most pertinent situations to your trip.SURA Private Health PlanIf you plan to stay for a longer period of time in Colombia, you might find that having a private health plan is a better option. In that case, the best option is by far SURA.SURA is considered the best private healthcare plan on the marketplace. That’s because it offers access to some of the best doctors and hospitals in Colombia!What’s particularly great about SURA is that their private medical plans also get you access to your own app. In the app, you can make appointments or get virtual medical visits.Alternatively, you can also work with a bilingual concierge service. Doing so can make it easier, especially for expats, to get assistance from doctors and plan appointments. That’s especially true if you don’t speak Spanish!A couple of other benefits of SURA include:
  • ●  Dental and vision insurance included
  • ●  Fast appointments
  • ●  No referrals needed for specialist careAllianzAllianz is an international insurance provider that has some big operations in Colombia. As an international provider, they’re a great pick for expats who travel in and out of Colombia frequently.

That’s because the company has plans that can take care of you in an emergency while abroad—whether it’s in Colombia or somewhere else. There are even local plans available in major US cities such as Miami, so if you ever leave Colombia, you can continue you with your health plan!

Other handy plans for expats offered by Allianz include:

  • ●  Flight cancelation insurance
  • ●  Rental car plans
  • ●  Emergency medical assistanceGetting in touch with an agent can help you choose which plans or combination of plans will work for your situation.Seguros BolívarAlthough not quite as big as SURA, Seguros Bolivar is another great private health plan that expats can choose from.This particular provider offers access to as many as 5000 different providers around the country. Even if you’re not planning to stay in Medellin permanently, you can find plenty of providers in other Colombian cities!Seguros Bolivar has a couple of other handy options for you to choose from and take advantage of as well, such as:
  • ●  Maternity services and prenatal care
  • ●  Palliative care and treatment options
  • ●  International coverage for trips and vacationsMapfreThe main offering of Mapfre is actually car insurance. However, that’s not to say they don’t have health insurance, too!What’s more, their car insurance is required in Colombia if you’ve got a vehicle on the road. Known as the SOAT, this is what you’ll have to purchase if you plan on getting your own car or motorcycle to get around.A few benefits of a plan with Mapfre include:
  • ●  Policies available on credit
  • ●  Virtual portal for payments
  • ●  International support

Liberty Seguros

Next up is Liberty. Liberty Seguros has been around for a long time, which means that they’ve got lots of experience in the industry.

On top of that, they offer tons of different types of insurance policies. You can choose from:

● Life
● Health
● Car
● Homeowners ● Travel

They’ve actually got specific life, car, and homeowners plans that are for expatriates. That can make a tough transition to a foreign country a whole lot simpler.

Angela Berrio Seguros offers policies through Liberty as well as through SURA and other insurance agencies. So, if you feel more comfortable going with Liberty, you can!

Things to Note About Expat Insurance in Colombia

Besides knowing about some of the best expat health insurance options in Colombia, it also pays to know a little bit about the marketplace in general.

For one thing, it pays to know that there is national health insurance available to Colombian residents. However, the hospitals can be poorly outfitted and you’ll often have to wait to see doctors. Worse yet, some specialist visits won’t even get approved, leaving you without the treatment you need!

As a result, choosing one of the above private health plans is a much better choice. Besides, a private health plan in Colombia can cost you as little as $50 per month. We’d say that’s worth it for peace of mind regarding your health!

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe in Colombia

Having the best expat insurance is the key to staying safe and healthy while abroad. Even if no emergency ever comes up, if it ever did, you’d hate to be unprepared.

Ready to take out your own health insurance policy? Get in touch with Angela Berrio Seguros today to learn about the different policies available!

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