5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Expat Insurance Plan 2023

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, chances are good that you weren’t thinking about insurance. After all, there’s plane tickets and exploring a new place to worry about!

The trouble is, this is a big mistake. When you don’t take out an expat insurance plan, you put yourself in all kinds of risky situations that could cost you quite a bit of money. 

In this guide, we’ll go over a few different reasons why you should get expat insurance. Plus, we’ll break down several expat insurance policies that can help you out while in Colombia. 

1. You Get Medical Assistance No Matter Where You Are

Getting sick in a foreign country is never fun. It’s also never easy. 

Typically, when you aren’t feeling so well in the US, you can simply head to the doctor and they’ll help you out. You might have to pay a copay, but this isn’t usually very expensive. 

When you’re traveling abroad, however, no one is paying the rest of the cost of your doctor’s visit. Suddenly, that small copay turns into a huge amount of money that you’ve got to be spending on medical fees. 

Worse yet, you’ve then got to worry about picking up medications. While in the US prescription insurance can bring the cost of medicines and procedures down quite a bit, if you’re overseas, you’ll be responsible for paying the bills. 

An expat insurance policy provides you access to medical coverage while you’re abroad. Some of these policies only cover specific areas, while others work even if you’re bouncing between countries. That way, if you do get sick or need medical help, you can save yourself a ton of extra cash. 

2. They Can Help You Navigate a Foreign Country

When most people move abroad, at least at first, they don’t speak the language. While taking classes and immersing yourself in the culture can help you pick up on the language, it can still take a little while to get the hang of things. 

In that interim, you’ve got to worry about making your way around the place on what little of the local tongue you know. What that can result in, especially when it comes to healthcare, is that you might not be able to communicate for the services you need. 

Worse yet, you could wind up getting charged extra just because you don’t know how the payment system works!

Many expat insurance services offer personal concierge services that can make paying hospital bills and navigating the world of healthcare easier. Others have bilingual services that you can take advantage of. 

Angela Berrio Seguros, for example, offers access to some of the best hospitals in the country and a list of bilingual doctors. That way, even if your Spanish is a little rusty, you can get the medical aid you need. 

3. You Can Meet Any Visa Requirements

Many countries have laws surrounding expat insurance, stating that if you’ll be visiting for an extended period of time, you have to have health coverage. In Colombia, for instance, migrant, visitor, and residence visa holders may be required to show proof of health insurance. 

While some countries will accept a health policy from back home, many won’t. They’ll want you to have a policy that specifically provides coverage while you’re staying in the country. 

If you don’t have that coverage, you may not be able to get a visa. That could ruin your travel plans or cause major hiccups if you’re moving abroad permanently. 

Expat health insurance policies typically meet visa requirements for expats. That way, individuals who plan to spend time out of their home country can not only stay protected but can avoid problems at immigration lines. 

4. You Limit Financial Costs

Anyone without health insurance in the US knows how expensive healthcare can be. Just a short hospital stay can wind up costing you thousands of dollars and can lead to some serious financial woes. 

Although not every country has a healthcare system that’s as expensive as in the United States, healthcare will still generally cost you something out of pocket. If it’s a major illness or surgery you’re dealing with, those costs can add up quickly. 

With a health insurance policy you don’t have to worry about paying for those costs on your own. Instead, the policy will jump in and keep you covered, saving you upwards of thousands of dollars. 

5. They Get You Access to the Best Doctors

Healthcare facilities and providers can vary greatly by country. What that means is that you might not always have access to the best doctors or hospitals. 

When you’re living or traveling abroad, it pays to find good doctors that can help you get over your troubles quickly. Otherwise, you could find yourself in an even tougher situation than just not feeling well!

Expat insurance policies, such as SURA’s private health plans in Colombia, can help you get access to the best hospitals and doctors. That way, you get treated by individuals you know will be able to help you start feeling better.

Additionally, these policies can speed up wait times. Instead of waiting for months on end to get taken care of, you can head in for same day or next day appointments with specialists. 

Best Expat Health Insurance in Colombia

If you’re planning to move to Colombia or visit for an extended amount of time, any of the above reasons warrant taking out an expat health insurance policy. 

When it comes to the best expat health insurance, SURA is hands down the top pick. However, there are a couple of other alternatives that aren’t bad picks either. These include:

  • Bolivar
  • Liberty
  • Allianz

You can also go for the ASSIST card, which is a travel insurance policy that helps you get around in the event of an emergency. 

Get Started With Expat Insurance Today

When it comes to expat insurance, there’s no time to wait. The faster you get started, the faster you’ll be covered in the event of an emergency. 

Ready to stay covered while living or traveling abroad? Get in touch with Angela Berrio Seguros to take out your expat insurance policy today!

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